My purpose is to remind others that though pain and loss are a real part of life, love and hope still abound, and are closer than we often think. – Amos Bracewell

Amos was raised in a musical family where things such as singing at dinner as a family were a regular occurrence. As a youth he was heavily involved in choirs and small groups where he reveled in the musical dynamics of harmony and blending.

After high school he turned his focus fully to musical pursuits with his sights aimed at one day doing it on a professional level.

Honing his craft day in day out for more than 2 decades now, he is pleased to release his official debut album.

As Amos steps into what he has always believed to be one of his callings in life, he does so with an open heart to all that the future holds.

“My prayer and hope is that people will feel a surge of passion, love and newness of life riding through them as they experience my music. For I desire to be a positive catalyst which allows others to return back to all that they are born to be.”